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About Shai Silberbusch

Shai Silberbusch - an infant and child development expert and a senior Feldenkrais method instructor - developed the First Step method Over years working with adults and children, Shai learned about the relation between infant development and the course of life as a child and adult. Those insights, combined with his hands-on experience as a father of three, led him to create this unique method that helps parents fully implement their babies’ motoric and developmental abilities.

 Shai’s career-track includes:
·    Diagnosing and treating thousands of babies
·    Training instructors in infant development with the First Step method
·    Teaching Feldenkrais classes for individuals and groups
·    A founder of Israel’s first complementary medicine department in a major hospital; the department integrates the Feldenkrais method, conventional medicine, and complementary medicine.
·    Homoeopathic medicine studies
·    Member of the senior training team for Feldenkrais instructors courses in Israel and elsewhere
·    Envisioned and developed the First Step method for tracking babies’ development.
·    Regular appearances on Experts Gallery, a popular Israeli TV show.
·    Diagnosis, treatment, and consultations using First Step.
·    A guest lecturer on infant development at international scientific conferences.
Private assesments with Shai Silberbusch are available in Tel Aviv, Zurich, Geneva and Milan.
For more information, please conatc us at: info@first-step.co.il
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